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Roadblocks, influences, lessons learned, and rules to live by are the meat of Inside Quest. Our goal is to arm the audience with the tools they need to discover and WALK their own path to success. Inside Quest brings together the conversational enthusiasm of a podcast with the intention and structure of a Charlie Rose-style talk show. Please follow us across our various social media platforms below and we'll see you every Friday!
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Dec 30, 2015
Go deeper into the Quest Mindset than ever before in this special year-end episode and get ready to tackle the new year head on with Tom's Top 10 Lessons learned!
Dec 23, 2015
Host of the #1 Fitness Podcast "Unbeatable Mind," Mark Divine, enlightens Tom with the insights of a modern day Sun Tzu. Find out where you stand on this episode of Inside Quest.
Dec 16, 2015

Everyone knows Neil Strauss as the controversial bestselling author of “The Game” and “Rules of the Game” where he provides an arsenal of tips on how to approach women. He’s been deified by droves of men across the globe and has a rabid fan base few authors can match. You’re probably thinking he’s a pretty unorthodox guest for Inside Quest. But if you’ve learned anything over these past few episodes of it’s the transformative potential of the mind, and that power is on full display with Neil Strauss. He came to fame through “The Game” but that’s not the part of the story that interests me. The second chapter of Neil’s life story is the part of his tale that leaves a lasting impression.


In “The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships,” Neil essentially deconstructs and devalues every single technique he advocated in “The Game.” The dichotomy of Neil’s struggle with what he thought was his path to happiness and his newfound need for deeper truth demonstrates an epic evolution of character. The stories in the book illustrate that we’re more than just the trauma of our childhood and that we can redefine ourselves without regret.

Neil was a delight to share the stage with and I left the interview with a renewed interest in taking an even deeper look at myself. He’s the embodiment of what happens when you admit you don’t have all the answers and that, my friends, is what leads to meaningful change and an amazing IQ guest.

  1. The most important quality needed for transformation.
  2. How a childlike mind can cultivate genuine change.
  3. The best way to listen to feedback.
  4. The benefits of group therapy.
  5. Why we all carry a bag of shit and how to get rid of it.
  6. Why we develop defense mechanisms and why we shouldn’t live by them.
  7. How it’s detrimental to use outside sources to inform your emotional state.
  8. Why you can’t always know what’s right for someone else.
Dec 9, 2015

Twenty years is a long time to work toward any goal, especially when you’re one of the very first athletes in the history of your school to do so. Bo Eason wanted to be a pro football player since he was a kid, to be the best in the world at his position, regardless of the fact that any high school player only has a 0.08% chance of getting into the league in the first place. By constantly reminding himself of those astronomically improbable odds, Bo did more than defy them: he owned them. But impenetrable mental fortitude can only hold so much weight in a game of professional athleticism. Bo didn’t stop after his first ACL tear, though, or even the sixth… it was the SEVENTH.

This may sound like we’re eulogizing him, but when your lifelong dream is cut short by the merely physiological limitations of your own damn body, the news feels nothing short of fatal… until it isn’t. Performance is an art form on any type of stage; Bo’s stage just happened to be a football field… at least for the first twenty years. But when one curtain closes, another opens… making it strangely appropriate that Bo’s next journey would take him to the theatre. And then another. And then 50 more, for 1,300+ performances of his critically acclaimed 1-Man-Show “Runt of the Litter.”

Bo Eason has reached a peak level of success on two polar opposites of the socio-entertainment spectrum. He’s hit a bullseye inside of a bullseye. He couldn’t have done it without adhering to a few keys principles that we’ll explore in the episode, but here’s number one: those odds aren’t really as bad as they sound.

  1. The most important thing you can do to achieve success in any field or activity.
  2. How physical performance can trigger success in so many more aspects of life.
  3. Why you should run toward impossible odds, when everyone else turns away.
  4. How the world is backwards.
  5. How to find a light in moments of darkness.
  6. Why you should never “watch the ball.”
  7. Your birthright as a human.
Dec 2, 2015
Innovation class is in session at IQ! In this episode, watch and learn how Don Wettrick is re-inventing the education paradigm.