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Roadblocks, influences, lessons learned, and rules to live by are the meat of Inside Quest. Our goal is to arm the audience with the tools they need to discover and WALK their own path to success. Inside Quest brings together the conversational enthusiasm of a podcast with the intention and structure of a Charlie Rose-style talk show. Please follow us across our various social media platforms below and we'll see you every Friday!
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Oct 5, 2016

Find out how legendary producer and DJ Steve Aoki started his career in underground music scenes and why staying connected to a community has been the key to his success on this episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu.


Steve Aoki is the living embodiment of hard work and an amazing example of what happens when you find your voice and go for broke. He founded his record label Dim Mak when he was only 19 years old. And through an insane amount of effort, he has built it into a global brand that people all over the world not only recognize, but have tattooed on themselves.

Steve’s music touches people and brings joy to millions around the world. He not only creates music at a break neck pace, but he's one of the most travelled artists in history, at times performing more than 300 shows in a single year. He's also a restaurateur, an unlockable character in video games, has his own shoe, multiple high-profile fashion collaborations, and he's written, produced, released, or collaborated on a staggering number of hits with an eclectic list of people like, Afrojack, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, and Lady Antebellum.

Steve is routinely on the Forbes list of the highest grossing DJs on the planet, and he could just as easily be described as a futurist as a musician. So much so he's created a philanthropic foundation focused on regenerative medicine and brain preservation. His past, however, is as interesting as his future, and his new Netflix exclusive documentary, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," chronicles his insanely busy life and legendary work ethic and connects the dots between the accomplishment we see today and the kid from a famous father who didn't fit in growing up. Steve’s music and attitude will inspire you to work harder to make your own dreams come true.


What You’ll Learn:

  1. How to find your unique voice. [3:41]
  2. Steve’s DIY beginnings in the hardcore community. [5:59]
  3. Steve’s struggles growing up. [11:10]
  4. When you should follow your emotions. [15:22]
  5. The valuable life lessons of skateboarding. [24:18]
  6. The importance of momentum. [29:55]
  7. Why imagination is your greatest asset. [37:15]
  8. Steve’s radical vision for the future. [42:28]
  9. A simple plan for finding your passion. [50:54]
  10. Steve’s definition of a life well-lived. [54:51]